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Our Mission

To create an enabling environment for transparency, open access accountability and free flow of information about governance through propagation of Christian values Education and Mass awareness for a sustainable democracy

Our Vision

A truly democratic Nigeria in which Individuals and Institutions are governed by Godly principles and Values

Our Strategies

Seminars and workshops Symposia on Godly principles and Values for churches, para churches organisations and campus fellowship

- Civic and Citenziship education for Primary secondary and tertiary institutions

- Democracy monitoring and Budget tracking

- Prayers and Intercession to backup our effort fro Christians value to thrive

- To enlighten and educate Christians on thier roles in nation building

- Promote integrity and transparency at all strata of leadership in Nigeria

- Promote and enhance Christian participation in Public affairs

- To teach the principles of good citizenship among Nigerians

- Building leadership skills through mentorship

- Organize regular programmes of prayers and Intercession across the country.

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