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Doctors Can No Longer Ignore It

by Oluwabusayomi Alabi

Doctors Can No Longer Ignore It: You Can’t Hide from Vaccine Injury When It’s In Your Face Every Day
– Oncologists are seeing more cancer cases.
– Neurologists are seeing patients with no risk factors having strokes.
– Cardiologists are seeing heart attacks with fibrin clots that are filling the coronary arteries to an extent they’ve never seen before.
– Gynecologists are seeing all of the fertility and menstrual abnormalities.
Dr. Pierre Kory: “This is a humanitarian catastrophe, and it has been ignored, it has been suppressed. It has been censored, but you can’t hide from this data when it’s in your face every day. The system is going to have to address this in some way at some point.”
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Launch of the African Sovereignty Coalition – Saturday 18 June 2022 – 1pm GMT

Launch of the African Sovereignty Coalition – Saturday 18 June 2022 – 1pm GMT

And a must watch screening of the shocking film about the WHO’s role in vaccinating girls and women in Kenya – Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

The African Sovereignty Coalition (ASC) formally launches Saturday 18 June 2022, 1pm GMT / 3pm CAT / 4pm EAT / 2pm BST.
The motivation for the ASC launch includes resistance to undemocratic developments that threaten the sovereignty of Africa and all nations. These threats are being driven by the World Health Organisation, and by extension, the United Nations, and the World Economic Forum.

The ASC believes that together, and free of corrupt control, there is a better way for our world towards health, personal autonomy and national sovereignty.

The ASC launch event brings together seventeen African scientists, doctors, lawyers, activists and journalists from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya, together with international allies and friends from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Switzerland. African speakers include Dr Sakhiwo Yako, Dr Wahome Ngare, Sabelo Sibanda, Fahrie Hassan, Obert Kondongwe, Dr Robert Rapiti, Dr Shankara Chetty, Simon Ssenyonga, Eva Mugisa, Pearl Kupe and Rob Hutchinson. International friends include Mary Holland, Dr Tess Lawrie, Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, Reiner Fuellmich, Philip Cruse and James Roguski.
Some of the informative and empowering topics that will be presented include:

•The Population Control Agenda: The role of WHO and counter measures

The People vs the System: WHO is WHO in Afrika? How can we be truly free?

Gene Therapy: Africa and the World at the threshold of Humanity “Version 2”

Exposing WHO Conflicts of Interest. Capturing Global Health by Subversion

From Democracy to Technocracy. Why WHO’s plan on sovereignty will fail

Globalism and One World Governance: Why Governments must act now

Botswana: A case study in jab mandates. A lesson to WHO and Big Pharma

Why the WHO must be held accountable for crimes against humanity

Should the WHO have a role in health: An answer through the C19 lens

The WHO and Big Pharma’s role in Africa – Lessons for the future of health

Why Africa is important in building a better way for health and human rights

How Africa can exit the WHO to work towards health, peace and freedom

A multifaceted perspective on challenging WHO’s power grab of our health

Africa’s critical role in standing up to the WHO and investors like Big Pharma

Africa’s strengthening role in law, justice and human rights around the world

DearGOV – A way to make our voices heard by the WHO and government

Statement: African royal indigenous leaders reject the WHO and Big Pharma

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